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Graphic Kits
Graphic Kits

Our vinyl graphics and racing stripes are from world class manufacturers available in the hottest styles and colors. Our complete graphic packages allow customization to your vehicle for considerably less than a new paint job.

At Stewart Design, we offer an abundant selection of Vehicle Specific or Universal Fit kits ready for immediate shipment or in shop installation. Feel free to search our inventory of products or browse our catalogs.

Not sure how to install, no worries, have our graphics professionals do it for you. Make a bold statement or add a little personality to your Car, Truck, Van, SUV, or Boat!



Our premium grade professional striping can be used on cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, boats and much more! The diversity of our products allow us to be your complete striping provider. We offer a 7-10 year vinyl that is OEM quality and an economical alternative.

Whether it’s one vehicle or an entire fleet, our experienced and knowledgeable staff is available to install for you! Please refer to our Recommended Application Tips and Step by Step Instructions for all your self-installation needs.

The size of pinstripes refers to the overall size. For example a 3/16” would be a stripe set of 1/16” color, 1/16” open, 1/16” color. Most stripes come in 150’ rolls.

As a distributor, we do not sell by the foot. Pinstriping is sold in 150’ rolls. Stripes should be stored in a cooled storage environment, keeping away from heat.

Special note: If you are looking for a specific size, for example, 1/8” you can use the multiple size configurations and just remove the second stripe (also remove the clear masking) to achieve the single stripe size you need.

Looking for a full color chart? Check out all our colors and options! Click on the chart to view the full PDF

Roof Wraps

Roof Wraps

Wrapping your car roof with vinyl wrap offers a quick way to change the style of your vehicle at a reasonable price. This type of design can offer you the wonderful chance for creating a special and unique appearance for your vehicle.

The roof wraps we offer for to our clients come from world-renowned designers and premium manufacturers. This means you can always be sure of their perfect performance. You’ll have a choice between a vast variety of vinyl effects and colors. All our films are bright and vibrant, providing a sporty and dynamic look to any vehicle. If you want to look distinctive, be sure to wrap your vehicle’s roof with our vinyl wraps.

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